Tanya “GodHead”  is one of Charlotte’s and North Carolina’s most prominent skilled hairstylist. After developing an affinity for hair at an early age, Tanya was further influenced by the positive feedback of family ad friends, whose constant praise led her to realize ger unique talent in hair artistry. Tanya earned her cosmetology license and began working at salons, which served as her initial platform from which she developed and widened her growing skill sets. Her 10 years as a manager/stylist  proved to be invaluable as Tanya perfected and developed a style of her own. With her upbringing having an influence Also with her love for the arts, fashion, and pop culture.

Desiring to forge her own independent path, Tanya began her own business God Head Studios. The overall vision for the salon was to design and provide a professional experience to a diverse clientele, providing clients with life changing enhancements. Tanya belief in the mantra, “5 Star Service for 5 Star Clients” continues to fuel her passions to unbelievable heights. Since the inception God Head Studios, Tanya has worked with high profile celebrities and everyday women looking to improve their appearance and gain confidence. In addition to her extensive portfolio and 10 years in business, Tanya also looks to empower and serve her community. She is an active church member and participates in community events frequently.

Tanya continues to highlight her technical abilities to the world. She remains true to the “Art of Hair” and seeks to maintain a creative and progressive approach toward hair styling.




As a studio our collective goal is to provide our clients with excellent service. We work together to help you achieve the look that you want and with a joint experience of 20+ years we are confident that you’re going to like the way you look!


I absolutely love this salon! I went to get my hair sewn in and she was super attentive. She offered me water and snacks and was very friendly. The atmosphere was nice and most importantly my hair looked absolutely gorgeous and natural.

No one could tell it was a weave at work. They thought I HAD just done my hair. I love love love God Head Studios. Definitely going back!

Dulce Aragones
I can't believe how amazing I looked! She really hooked me up. She's also helped me to grow my natural hair and now it's really long.
I started visiting this salon one year ago and it was the best decision of my life. I look and feel incredible!
Top Model


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